Event UN, Wormwitch, Altar And The Bull
Date July 25, 2019 - 8:00 pm

Steel & Bone Productions presents…

UN (Seattle, WA)
Heart-wrenching funeral doom currently signed to Jon Davis of Conan’s own Black Bow Records. Released a split on February 15 with UK doom/sludge heavyweights Coltsblood, following the success of their 2018 sophomore LP, “Sentiment” (released via Translation Loss Records). For fans of Ahab and Mournful Congregation.

Wormwitch (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
Aggressive black metal and the defiant spirits of crust and hardcore collide to form a vengeful sonic maelstrom. Currently touring following the release of their second full-length, “Heaven That Dwells Within,” released via Prosthetic Records. For fans of Martyrdod, Wolfbrigade, and Dissection.

Altar and the Bull (Pittsburgh, PA)
Chthonic invocations that are described by the band as “Ritual Doom.” For fans of Corrupted, Meth Drinker, and Monarch.