Event Staffers (DC) // Swampwalk // Screeming Jeeps // Joyframe
Date September 15, 2018 - 8:00 pm

STAFFERS hailing currently from Washington DC, were born in the land of OMAHA NEBRASKA. Staffers is a band most of the time, sometimes one human. But their music exists within a spectrum of a bowl of crunchy cereal and something to do with americana and sitting in a garage looking at imaginary nude photos of David Kilgour.


Walk inside the superhuman brain of Anna Hale, half beatmaster, half future human and master of the musical gameboy.


From the land of jeeps and through the great interstellar highway, the screeming jeeps was a band created and now it is a person, or three people, who used to work together and play in a dusty warehouse in Braddock. Please welcome their very first show.


Born in the land of drive thru beer stores and bob pollards stray recycling bins, this 3 peice reccently relocated to pittsburgh. While their music is clearly influenced by the monolith 90s lofi rock, their music can show us what this kind of noisy angular rock can mean today