Event Soup of the Weak/BBGuns/Shay Park(MA)/Glam Hand
Date January 3, 2019 - 8:00 pm

Well this is it, folks. I guess you’ve been waiting for this for some time, well… Soup of the Weak‘s first show is finally here. This gig is gonna be a doozy of a ripper and we’re very excited to play our music in front of y’all.

So who else is playing this hootenanny?

Shay Park (Greatest lyricist hailing from Boston, MA, making tunes that’ll make you wanna dance your legs right off// boogie the tears right outta yr eyes)

Glam Hand (Cool guy hucksters, psychedelic hunksters, AKA HamGland): https://glamhand.bandcamp.com/

BBGuns (Indie Hip-pop thrashers ready to blow the roof off, Hell-yeahcore) :https://bbguns.bandcamp.com/