Event Pitt Fest Day 3.5 @Howlers slugss, Royal Haunts, Same, Metacara
Date March 30, 2019 - 9:00 pm

Pitt Fest is a celebration of music and community, it has no affiliation with the University of Pittsburgh, if you would like to know more there is an extended blurb at the bottom of this description.*

This is the second leg of the Third night of Pittfest 2019, and its a special occasion. Its a whole danged Bates Hardcore Gym Reunion show at Howler’s (21+). Music not starting until a little after 10 because this is happening earlier: Pitt Fest Day 3 @Roboto: AllegrA/ Rue/ Pinstripe Sunny/ Hearken and thangs will be going till about 1:30am. $5-10 for the bands. (Message The Bushnel 4 Fest Passes)
A lineup sure to throw you back to 2015 South Oakland.

Same – bandhttps://samepgh.bandcamp.com/
Royal Hauntshttps://open.spotify.com/artist/27mukHWcpXTNhk0knabeDL?si=QZB904bwSVGiU94Yt06xpw
and Metacara

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