Event Oozing Wound, Microwaves, Riparian, and Spring Breeding
Date May 30, 2019 - 6:00 pm

Winterforge Promotions presents…

Oozing Wound (Chicago, IL)
Sometimes thrashy, sometimes sludgy, sometimes crossover-y, always weird. Currently touring after releasing their fourth full-length album, “High Anxiety,” on March 15 via Thrill Jockey Records. How many layers of irony are they on? Come see them live and find out for yourselves.

Microwaves (Pittsburgh, PA)
Dissonant, dizzying, experimental noise rock heavyweights on Three One G Records. Equally for fans of bands from Unsane and The Jesus Lizard, to Theoretical Girls and DNA.

Riparian (Pittsburgh, PA)
Combining elements of death metal with black/grind influences and dark atmospheric touches. Featuring members of Wrought Iron, Riparian’s eponymous EP was released on March 1st via Grimoire Records.

Spring Breeding (Las Vegas, Nevada)
Weirdo No-Wave. Four-piece synthy madness from the Sin City. For fans who like to get wild crazy in the desert.