Event Nathan Xander/Reliable Child/Elkhound
Date February 6, 2020 - 8:00 pm

Nathan Xander: Writing songs in the spirit of what Greil Marcus termed, ‘The Old, Weird America’, Nathan Xander is an Americana/folk singer specializing in hushed songs of tension and regret.

Nathan’s is unconventional finger-picking guitar style and a self-confessed obsession with the storytelling tradition of country music have marked him as an intriguing prospect in New York City. Having previously shifted nomadically between Union City, PA, Pittsburgh, and Chicago, New York has been his home base since 2011.

With lyrics often recalling the spidery narratives of Southern-Gothic writers such as Flannery O’Connor and the offbeat movies of the Cohen Brothers, Xander’s unorthodox aesthetic mix of the rootsy and the surreal marks a sound undeniably his own.

Reliable Child: Mike Berginc is no stranger to the Pittsburgh music scene. He’s been writing and performing here for years, mostly with his band As Ladders. However, over the last 2 years, Berginc has been spending much more time working alone under the name Reliable Child. His most recent release is in the form of a new EP called Some Blue Imagination – a collection of songs detailing the arc of a relationship where the emphasis is on the details. Those seemingly tiny musical and lyrical moments that stick with you and make you think about your own life.

Elkhound: Building off of the release of “Along the Highway”, Elkhound is a 5 piece Alt-Country outfit that has been playing around the Pittsburgh area for years. Featuring a dual attack of guitar, warbling keyboards, and a rock solid rhythm section, the group weaves its way through different sounds. Loud or soft, the songs lean heavily on simple writing and a message any person can relate to.