Event ImmanentVoiceless ChrisLiButti AutumnPool Dilettante EZBakeOven
Date April 17, 2018 - 8:00 pm

NYC ambient-electronic-drone artists
and CHRIS LIBUTTI https://chrislibutti.bandcamp.com/

with Autumn Pool https://soundcloud.com/autumn-pool
Dilettante https://soundcloud.com/tyler-thompson-1
Easy Bake Oven https://theeasybakeoven.bandcamp.com/

Ivan Khilko is a DC-based composer and video artist. In his solo project, Immanent Voiceless, Khilko explores themes of discreteness and continuity and especially the liminality between these two states. This is accomplished through manipulation of instrumental recordings, found sound, radio broadcasts and pre-recorded music into drones and musical events which interact throughout the course of a piece. When played live, IV’s music is often fleshed out with the help of musical collaborators and occasionally video. Khilko also plays in metal bands and has composed a number of film soundtracks.

Chris Libutti: Brooklyn based noise and drone. Guitars, electronics, field recordings, various gadgets.