Event Chicken Soup Challenge & Paint Your Pint!
Date February 10, 2019 - 4:00 pm

Its that time of the year when we’re all catching colds and feeling blue..
There’s no more footballs..
So, what to do with our Sundays?

How about a little homemade soup?
A challenge has been made and the gauntlet thrown.. Who makes the best chicken soup?
Sunday .. bring us your offering to be judged..
There will be prizes awarded for the best soup out there..
Make a pot o’ chicken soup.. bring it in by 5:30 .. judging will commence around 6 on appearance, consistency and most of all.. taste!
Joining us will the folks from Blue Moon bringing pint glasses and art supplies.. paint your pint glass to take home, handing out some swag..

So.. join us for soup, pints and prizes!
Let our judges decide who’s soup reigns supreme!