Event Benni, Ephen Ager, Stephen Sciulli
Date November 14, 2017 - 8:00 pm

cosmic electronic hero from New Orleans on Goner Records
BENNI https://bennimusic.bandcamp.com/releases

with special guests
Ephen Ager https://soundcloud.com/ephenager
Stephen Sciulli (Carsickness, Ploughman’s Lunch, Life in Balance)

Enjoy BÊNNÍ’s debut release “I & II” on Goner Records!
US tour happening this fall around BÊNNÍ’s debut Gonerfest performance.

Hailing from an H Class planet far across the cosmic highways, BÊNNÍ is “hi NRG New Age” music. A pivotal member of bands Wizzard Sleeve/Gary Wrong Group, Heavy Lids, Roman Gabriel Todd’s BRUOOTS, Natural Child, and many more, Bênní was born from his personal need of new music to listen to while driving his space craft long distances. Tired of listening to Van Halen’s “5150” and Zebra’s self titled album on his journeys, he began creating sci fi landscapes and ethereal soundtracks of his own. Often times primitive, BÊNNÍ’s music can go from Vangelis, to John Carpenter, to 80s dungeon electro band Warning and into vintage arcade game circuitry with the blink of an eye. With his first LP release, BÊNNÍ will be embarking on a Euro/Scandinavian tour in August with US Tours close behind. Previous cassette released on AVRCRC.

Flood Magazine: “Using vintage keyboard rigs, vocoders, and arpeggiators, he departs from the same sci-fi sounds that made S U R V I V E famous. But while that group of Austinites found a way to spin those dated sounds into the modern day with a slick and menacing confidence, BÊNNÍ’s sound is swampier, dirtier; you get the sense that there’s duct-tape residue on a lot of his gear.”

New Orleans’ enigmatic Quintron weighs in:
“The thing to me that has always kinda set the Memphis / New Orleans punk scenes apart from other places is that music and musicianship always outweighs high concept or the typical sneering “fuck you” attitude of other places. BÊNNÍ is a Musician with a capital M and it’s no accident that within a year of his coming to New Orleans (from less than an hour up the Gulf), he began to influence the local landscape as much as any of us who had been here and doing it for decades. BÊNNÍ is special, especially for a young dude. He NEVER overplays; he always listens; he’s funky as a church lady; and his memory for parts and complicated song structure is unmatched in anyone I have ever worked with….plus he’s chill as fuck. There is a reason that he is in almost every good band in the entire city right now. So yea…if any of you Memphis bitches get funny ideas about stealing him away from us, there will be a straight up lazy drunken army riding up the river to forcibly take him back.”